What is the re-market?


Th e Houston Re-Market is an innovative monthly market whose goal is to foster responsible consumerism.  The market features vendors who use recycled and reused materials and other sustainable practices in their craft.  In addition there are garage sales, a free swap, recycling drop off, live music and entertainment, and local food. This month's market will feature recycled arts and crafts activities for everyone to enjoy. Come out and be a part of Houston's original green flea market.


Responsibility in action at the Houston Re-Market.




The market features 10+ vendors ranging from artists and crafters who design and create beautiful goods by incorporating upcycled and recycled materials into their products to people with garage sale type booths selling previously owned items. 

In our unregulated swap, we invite you to drop off your gently used, clothing and household items for others to take home an enjoy.  You don't need to bring something to take something and vice versa. 

Drop off your household recycling including plastics 1-5 &7, aluminum, tin/bi-metal, glass, paper, and cardboard- courtesy of Greeni Recycling. 




Meet, share, network, and connect with other members of our community. Enjoy local food, live music, and great conversation

Want to get Involved?

What sustainable practices do you want to see more of in our community? 


How can you initiate/incorporate them at the Houston Re-market?


What skill set do you have or can you source to share with the Re-Market?


We can use help in many areas including: 

1) Volunteers to load-in/out (each market)

2) Website designers 

3) Social media promoters (invite your pals)

4) Grant writers

5) 30min to an 1hr Life Skills instructors 

6) Swap Regulators (Keep it junk free!)

7) Artist Installations (Sustainable Themes)

8) And more... visit our volunteer link below!